Scheduled Relays

Each team will compete in (2) scheduled relay events. In these three events, your team score is ranked against every other team participating in the event.

Scramble Games

Teams will select (12) scramble-style games to participate in. Scramble games can be points-based challenge involving just one team, or a head-to-head match-up with another team. 


At the sound of GO, Athletes will complete the following for time:


  1. PiggyBack Relay 

  2. Bear Walk 

  3. LeapFrog

  4. Crab Walk


  1. Agility Ladder

  2. Hopper Ball

  3. Dizzy Bat

  4. Hopper Ball

  5. Agility Ladder

  6. Race to the finish


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Human Foosball is like the classic table top Foosball, however, it is played with real people, a soccer ball and in a large enclosed inflatable arena.


At the sound of GO, one athlete from each team darts into the obstacle course. Once the team member inside the course fully exits the slide the team may send in another member from the start line. This will repeat until one team wins!


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2 teammates get into their potato sack and

race down to designated marker, turn around and race back to the start line to tag the next 2 team members.


The event will be completed when all team members have finished the relay.


Each team will have a pitcher and a retriever. The Pitcher’s job is to throw a ball at the pyramid to knock down as many cans as possible. The Pitcher and Retriever switches after every throw.


All team members must complete 1 pitch and 1 retrieval. 


Our Bubble Soccer game is one of our premiere events and for good reason! Your team will versus another team in a 5 minute match of soccer with a sudden death O.T. Our Bubbles are supplied by SWFL Bubble Soccer and are known to be the safest bubbles around so don't be scared to knock your opponents around, it wont hurt them!

Yard Pong

In Yard Pong each team will have one player play rock paper scissors to determine who shoots first and then line up behind their respective cups. The team that won will select their first two shooters to attempt 1 shot each into the cups. After the first players shoot the other team will do the same and the teams will keep alternating until the match ends. The team that removes all the cups first wins the match. 

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The objective of the game is to pull the flag located into the center of the rope onto your designated side. Each team will line up on their side of the rope and find a good grip. At the sound of GO, competitors will attempt to tug the flag onto their side. The team that tugs the flag to their side wins. 


The two teammates will race to a designated marker, turn around and return to the start line where they will tag next 2 team members to complete the relay race.


Two team members will line up back to back and have their connecting leg tied together by a bandana.


Cards will be face down on the field. Athletes will have the opportunity to turn over any two cards. If the two cards match, keep them. If they don't match, turn them back over. Race back to the start line and tag the next team member. The game is over when one team collects all cards on the field.   


Competitors in this event will compete to try and toss their hula hoops around the marked cones. The cones will have different point values. Each team member will have two throws.


Each member will receive 3 chip attempts to try and score points. Each player's scores will be added together to create the team total at the end of the match. Hitting the board will reward 1 point, the mouth 3 points, the eyes 5 points, and the nose 7 points. 

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The classic yard game will start with rock paper scissors to determine which team of 4 throws the pallino! Once the pallino is thrown, the first two players will throw their balls trying to get as close to the pallino as possible. The team with the closest will then throw the rest of their balls with the other team following. The team with the closest ball at the end wins the match. All team members must compete in one match. Matches will be best of 3!

Horse Shoes

Who doesnt like Horse Shoes? We will have Horse Shoes Best of 3 Team vs. Team games running at the Park Horse Shoe pits. The closest shoe to the stake gets 1 point and if you have to closest you will get 2 points. If you get a ringer its 3 points and if you have the closest shoe and a ringer its 4 points! 


Welcome to the Disc Golf Challenge, Fit Nation Field Day's version of a half court shot! If you can make the frisbee into the net from our throwing station you will be showered with the grand prize and crowned Disc Golf Legend. 

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